Iran is  one of the best and safest countries in the world based on tourist feedback. There are landmarks whether they are culture, historical or natural. Tourism in Iran is diverse, providing a range of activities from hiking and skiing in the Alborz and Zagros mountains, to beach holidays by the Persian Golf and the Caspian sea. It have near 22 world cultural Heritage Jahan and other places. And with twenty UNESCO Word Heritage Sites, there is no shortage of monumens to visit .The culture Trip explores the top 10 UNESCO Word Heritage Sites in Iran.They are in the cities of Esfahan, Ardebil, Tabriz, Shoshtar , kashan, Tehran, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Yazd, Zanjan.

 Iran  Weather

Iran is a four-season country. You can experience various climates. we can divided the country into three regions. The best time to visit Iran is the spring and autumn. There are ideal temperatures across most of Iran from March until May and then again from late September to early November.

Best Iranian Foods , Drinks and Breads

Every country has its own kinds of foods and drinks. Iran is a unique country because of the variety food and drink. In Iran food is served with rice and bread. Kebab is delicious food that it has kinds of diferent such as jooje kebab, koobideh, shishlik, chenjeh, Barg and etc.Also Ghormeh sabzi, fesenjan, Dizy,baghala Ghatogh, Ash Reshteh, MorasaPolo, Tahchin and another foods are served in the resturants.There are kind of cool and hot drinks in Iran such as Doogh, Back and GreenTea, varity of Sharbats and Fruit Juices. Traditional breads like Sangak, Barbari,Taftun, Lavash,and Local beards.

Travel to Iran

Iran is a vast country ,there is much ground to cover in terms of  natural wonders, exquisite architecture and an intriguting  ancient culture. If you like to experience this wonderful counry can visit this places in the historical  and famous cities.



If you like to see National Museum of Iran Golestan Palace in the Tehran has many places to offer. Then visit Carpet museum in the old Bazar. The Sadabad palace has 18 palaces, which 7 palaces ad changed to museum. Green Palace is a very nice museum of Persian arts like mirror marquetry, carpets, and illumination and plaster work. Musical  Museum is a collections of ancient and traditional musical  instruments. Time Museum is a dreams building with unique plaster inside a green garden and next to beautiful cafes. National Museum formed of two complexes; Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of the Islamic.


Abyaneh is an ancient  Iranian  village located at 70 km southeast of Kashan in Isfahan province. Also, it known as the Red Village because of its red soil and houses. Abyaneh a Village of living traditions , architecture styles. It is one of  oldest villages in Iran, attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies.


Ardebil is a touristic city visited for several reasons its climate, historical significance, its geopolitical situation and its nature. Ardebil’s main sights are Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble, Jameh Mosque, Mirza Ali Akbar mosque and  School, Ardebil Bazar, Adebil bridge,I mamzadeh Saleh mausoleum, Sain Mary Church, Mausoleumof Sheikh Jebrail, Babadavood anbaran, and Shoabil lake. This  city is famous to hand-crafted products .You will find different types of carpets, hony, kinds of local sweets, stone jewelry, cream and dairy products.


Bam  is located about 185km southeast of kerman .UNESCO  designated the city as Heritage site in 2004.Bam citadel dates back to 2000 years ago. This building is a complete example of Iran’s architectural styles. In the early days of 2004,a huge earthquake jolted the city of Bam and its surrounding, inflicting major damages on Bam’s citadel. Many countries ,including Japan, Italy, and France participated in its reconstruction.

Gonbad-e Kavoos

The city is located in province Golestan. UNESCO registered Gobad- Qabus tower as World Heritage Site in 2012.Tomb of Qabus is in the tower. The shrine of Yah-ebdziad is  one of other cities is visited by pilgrime and tourism every year


Hamadan is one of the oldest Iranian cities. It is home to many poets and cultural celebrities. It’s handicrafts is known like ieather, ceramic, and carpets. The scientist and writer known in the west as Avicenna(Abu Ali Sina) is buried in Hamadan. Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization lists 207 sites of historical and cultural in the city like Tomb OF Baba Taher, Tomb Avicenna(Abu Ali Sina) , Tomb of Esther and Mordechai, Emamzadeh Abdollah Mosque, Dome of Alavian with mir sayyed Ali  Hamadani, Qorban Tower, Ganj Nameh, Ali-Sare Cave.



You should visit this city and find out why here is a UNESCO Word Heritage site. sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is a masterpiece of architecture. Foreign archaeologists  believe it can hardly be considered a product of humans hands. Imam square (naqsh-e Jahan square) is one of the greatest squares in world. It has witnessed many historical memories of Iran during the past four centuries. Friday(Al-Jum,a) Mousque a complex of buildings and artistic masterpieces of the post-Islamic period in Iran. Ali Qapu is example of palace architecture in the Safavid era.Also the Chehel Sutun palace, Hasht Behesht Palace, Chahar Bagh School,si-o-se pol,Khaju Bridge,shahrestan Bridge. Marnan Bridge,Choobi Bridge,Vank Cathedral, Manar Jonban, Atashgah, Thakht-e-Foulad, Old QaisariehBazar are in the Isfahan.



There are several old residential buildings left from19th and 20th centuries in kashan. The most famous ones are: Borujerdi-ha House, Tabatabaee-ha House, Abbasian House, Ameri-ha House. These houses in one city with this quality and standard of construction and decoration is unique.


Kerman according to the historical narrations is one cities of Iran. Every year ,the city attracts numerous tourists all over the world. Months of March-Juen are the most suitable to traveling tourism. Kerman historical buildings include Arg Bam, Imam Mosque, Konar Sandal Jiroft, and Arg Rayen. Carpet is one of the main and industries of the city. The oldest carpet discovered in the Kerman about 500 years ago.



Kermanshah is considered one of the cradles of prehistoric culture because of its antiquity, attractive landscapes, rich culture and Neolithic  villages. Kermanshah sight include Kohneh Bridge , Behistun Inscription, Taghbostan, Temple of Anahita, Dinavar, Hulwan, Madian dakhmeh(Darbad, Sahneh), Parav Cave, Do-Ashkaft Cave, Tekyeh Moaven al-molk, Sar pol-e-Zahab, Tagh egara, Khajeh Barookh’s House, Statue of Herakles a behistun Complex, Emad doleh Mosque,Jame Mosque,Ganj Dareh, Essaqwand RockTombs, Sorkh Deh.



The city is in the province of Lorestan. Although not a major tourist des tination,it is quite scenic and possesses several attractions, such as Falak-ol-AflakCastle   , Gerdab sangi, Brick minaret, Inscribed stone, Shapoori bridge, Akhond Aboo house, Keeyow lake.



The historical town of Masouleh, having  an attractive  nature and a wonderful architecture with an antiquity of more than 1000 years. It is in Gilan Province. UNESCO annoubced Masouleh as Historical Heritage Site in September 2015.Thousands of tourists visit Masouleh every year.


The holy city is located in the northeastem province of Khorasan in Iran. It is the most famuse place for tomp of Imam Reza. It is largest mosque in the word. The millions of pilgrims from all over the world traval to the shrine. The main sights Mashhah include Shrine Complex Museums, Kuh-e Sangi Park, Mashhad Bazar, Boqeh-Ye Khajeh Rabi, Yomb of Ferdowsi, Tomb or Omar Khayyam, Kang Village, RadkanTower, Bazehur Fire Temple.


It located in 150km northwest Tehran in the Qazvin province. Qazvin contains several archeological excavations. It’s sights and landmarks include Cantor Church, Qazvin gateway, Ali Qapo Gate, Carvanserai of Sad al-Saltaneh, Aminiha Hosseiniyeh, Jameh Mosque, Bist Sotoun, Qajar Bathhouse, Imamzadeh Shahzadeh Hossein, Tomp Hamdullah Mostofi, Ovan Lake, Qanadi Parastoo, and Al-Nabi Mosque.


The Shushtar is in Khuzestan Province, southwest of Iran. Historical hydraulic system has been registered in UNESCO List as a tangible cultural heritage site in 2009, referred to ”as masterpiece of creative genius.” There are remarkable structures you can visiting: Shadorvn Grand Weir or Caesar Weir, Salasal Castle, Mizan Weir, Mahi BazanWeir, Lashkar Bridge-Dom, Khak Weir, Sharabdar Weir, Borje-e Ayar Weir, Shah Ali Bridge-Dam, Kolah Farangi, The handmade Ancient Stairway.


Shiraz is a historical central that should be found  at the top of any tourist’s itinerary. Bazar Vakil is shiraz’s main bazar and place for buying  rugs, spices, jewellery,and household goods. perspolis is a UNESCO world heritage. pasargard , Naqsh-e Rostam, Tomb of Hafez, Tomb of Sadi ,Shah Cheragh, The Shrine of Ali-e Hamze, The Pink Mosque( Nasir al-Molk Mosque), Eram Garden, Qavam House, Arg of Karim Khan, Vakil Bathhouse, Vakil Mosque, Afif Abad Garden top placeess  you should visit in Shiraz.


Tabriz is a historical city in the northwest of Iran. Green, mountainous, and metropolitan the city and its surrounds are a popular tourist destination. Tabriz Bazar is one of the most beautiful bazars in the Iran and a reliably pleasant experience. Also you should see in this city Blue Mosque, Tabriz citadel, Jameh Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum,Mausoleum of Poets, Elgoli Park, Kandovan Village, Stephanos Monastery, Jolfa, and Eynali Mountain Range.




UNESCO added the historical texture of Yazd to list of world heritage sites. Yazd is one of the most important desert cities of Iran. It is known as the city wind tower .Yazd ‘s historical monuments include Yazd  Jame Mosque, seyyed  Rokneddin, Mousoleum, Amir  Chaqmaq Complex LarihaHouse, AlexanderPrison, NarinCastle, Chak Temple and Water Museum. GharbalBiz(Mehriz), Tamehr(near Taft) and Masih(Harat) are among the important springs of Yazd.


Zanjan is known for it’s beautiful  handcrafts such as knives ,traditional sandals, and  malileh. Zanjan’s main sights include  Zanjan’s bazar, central mosque, Zolfaghari building(salt man), Tofighi’s building, Match company(3 stars match company), Dadmaan traditional hotel, sangi caravanserai.


This city located in south of Zanjan. Soltaniye dome is Iljayto’s mausoleum. It’s the biggest brick dome in the world.

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